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When was the last time you stopped?  Most of the time your mind is like a race track.  Memories, ideas and worries zoom around your head at lightning speed.  It’s no wonder that the “information” age has been labled as the most stressful-the most psychologically demanding-the most frustrating.  And that is why we’re here.  We help you “stop.”  Through the ancient art of relaxation we help you revive an old skill that came naturally to you as a child.  It’s called “enjoying the moment.”  Aah!  Remember what that was like?  Well, if you don’t, not to worry.  Our therapeutic spa therapies will help you achieve this desired state of being.  All you have to do is surrender mind, body and soul to one of our professional therapists for a couple of hours.  Snooze while stress and tension are massaged away.  Escape on an inner adventure while our seaweed therapies gently and natually remove toxins from your body.  Contemplate bliss while a therapist massages your scalp during our signature Spa sessions.  Of course these treatments feel wonderful-you expect that.  But the real beauty of visiting our spa is discovered a little later when the world looks a little different.  You realize that there are roses and you stop to smell them.  And the daffodils too.  You have a dance in your step.  You feel lighter.  You look great.  And life is good.  Very good.  Visit the spa.  Stop the madness.  Enjoy the moment.






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